As superior ingredients for the confectionery industry, our Made in TÜRKİYE Candied Fruits, Jams and Marmalade come in a variety of forms, with glowing colors and rich flavors. We select only the finest of harvested raw materials according to seasonality to supply a top-quality finished product with the highest texture and the greatest taste. Multiple purposes: Fruit Mix, Bakery, Pastry, Cocktails. Ideal to garnish cakes, pastries, ice creams, and sorbets. Also perfect for decoration or dipped in chocolate for a confection. Well-known for being used in traditional bakery recipes and pastries, candied fruit is the essential ingredient for the Italian Panettone, Cassata, Cannoli, and Pastiera, the Irish Christmas Pudding, the German Stollen, and the Spanish Roscón de Reyes, to name just a few examples.
Candied fruit is available in a broad variety of forms: whole, cubes, halves, quarters, slices, strips, cups, crumble, pastes and mixes. Many specific cuts and sizes are available for citrus peel: strips, quarters, cubes, discs, and decoratives.
  • Pitted Half Pear
  • Red Coloured Pitted Cherries
  • Pitted Half Plums
  • Pitted Half Apricot
  • Pitted Sour Cherries
  • Pitted Half Quinces
  • Pitted Half Peach