UOTT believes that the best way to ensure perfect customer satisfaction is to offer special solutions to customers in today’s world where conditions, expectations, and needs are changing rapidly. It has made a name for itself in the sector with its successful R & D activities. The experience gained by the cooperation with professional chefs from different countries, international companies, and universities brings our company to the highest level in meeting customer needs; its rapidly growing young and dynamic structure provides new perspectives in following the changing trends.
For the projects carried out jointly with our customers to fulfill specific needs, products are developed in pilot units placed in our factory. After the adaptation of the products developed in the pilot units to the production departments, they controlled the quality laboratory to ensure high quality.
With the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, our company is not only a supplier but also a solution partner. Our company conducts special studies with our Technical Sales Support team in our application laboratories. In line with the demands and needs, technical training and seminars organized for our customers at home and abroad are among the important activities of our company.
We are betting on the development of our company with our customers around the world with our ability to develop our products and provide solutions that meet the needs of the market and are in line with the changes.
According to the point of use of our products, the final product application practices are carried out in this demonstration unit. At this stage, joint studies are carried out with our customers and special training are provided by making a one-to-one demo of the products.
Raw materials and manufactured products are put on the market after physical, chemical, organoleptic, and microbiological analyzes are carried out in the quality laboratory according to the batch numbers.