Strawberry Brownies

Strawberry Brownies are the perfect mix of sweet, fruity, light strawberry flavor and rich, delicious chocolate. You’ve got the flavor of chocolate covered strawberries in brownie form! This easy brownies recipe is a delectable dessert that everyone will devour!
How to make chocolate-covered strawberry brownies:
  1. Prepare the brownie layer by using ALINE Brownie Mix. After properly combing your mix, you’ll pour the mixture into a 13×9 inch baking pan. 
  2. Use Golden Baker Strawberry Filling -Spread a layer of it over the brownies once they have cooled. Cover and set in the refrigerator.
  3. Top it off with chocolate – While the brownies are set in the refrigerator, melt butter & Golden Baker chocolate chips together and mix well. Let the mixture cool for at least 30 minutes. Then spread a layer of chocolate on top of the strawberry layer.
  4. Place the brownies back in the refrigerator until everything has set.
How to Make Strawberry Brownies
This easy brownies recipe from ALINE  is a lot simpler than it looks. You start by baking the brownie layer, then make the strawberry filling to add in next and top it off with the layer of melted chocolate.
ALINE Brownie Cake Mix
1000 g
200 g
140 g
200 g
Total Weight
1540 g
Deck Oven
25-30 min.
Convection Oven
25-30 min.