The story of our ALINE brand began when we visited a bakery shop in a village near Copenhagen – Denmark. The owner of the shop was called Grandma ALINE. She makes high-quality pastry and bakery products. Grandma ALINE used to make all the fillings and sauces from the fruits and nuts of the forest in traditional ways that add a distinct taste to her pastries and baked goods. So, we knew that the secret to the quality of its products is to choose high-quality ingredients and prepare them carefully. We decided to have our products in the name of Grandma ALINE so that the secret of quality in our products is to choose the raw materials carefully & manufacture them with high quality..
For us, doing the right thing means that our products are made first and foremost from great natural ingredients. Not just for professorial chefs but also wife house. Our goal is to know where, how and by whom our raw materials came from. To do this, we go beyond certification and build partnerships with reliable suppliers and cooperatives designed for long-term collaboration..
You can only do the right thing if people are doing well in the process from choosing raw materials. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who deals with us is better off than if we had not existed. We strive to create working conditions that contribute to the personal satisfaction of our employees. Beyond our company, we strive for a partnership-based and long-term relationship with all our business partners and people who deal with us, characterized by fairness, trust, and reliability.
Pastry can only ever be as good if its ingredients are high quality. For us, doing the right thing means ensuring we make our pastry ingredients from excellent raw materials. So for everything that goes into our pastry materials, we have exceptionally high quality and sustainability standards. Our pastry ingredients are bursting with the best raw materials.
We are working to provide a good atmosphere that helps each member of the team wo to be creative. And provide all the means that inspire the employee to everyone with what is necessary to achieve the highest levels of performance. This is reflected in the development of our relationship with customers.
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