Soft Inclusions

We convert fresh fruits into amazing products enhancing your customer satisfaction!

A new, innovative category of water-based, bake-stable inclusions, differentiating with its soft and creamy texture and rich flavors.

Glace Fruits

What are Soft Inclusions?

Adding fillings, fresh fruit, or other inclusions to cakes can often be challenging (injection equipment, frozen storage, limited bake stability, …).

Our innovative, water-based inclusions, address this while offering a new creative playground, without having to adapt your production process.

Also known as candied fruit, glacé fruit is brightly colored fruit pieces preserved in a sugar syrup. The high sugar content extends the shelf life of the product and prevents spoilage. These fruits are commonly used in cakes, breads, and other sweet baked goods, and can be used to decorate cakes. Traditionally these fruits are used during the Christmas holiday season in fruitcakes. Dawn offers a variety of glacé fruit items, including pineapple, cherries, mixes, and peels.



  • Red Whole Cherries

  • Red Whole & Broken Cherries

  • Green Whole Cherries

  • Green Whole & Broken Cherries


  • Gold Pineapple Wedges & Cubes

  • Green Pineapple Wedges & Cubes

  • Red Pineapple Wedges & Cubes


  • Orange Peel

  • Red Orange Peel

  • Lemon Peel

  • Green Lemon Peel

  • Citron Peel

  • Red, Gold, and Green Mello Gems Red


  • Regular Glacé Mix (Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Red, Green & Gold Mello Gems, and Red W&B Cherries)

  • Deluxe Mix (Red and green Whole Cherries and Gold Pineapple Wedges)

  • Premier Mix (Red and green Whole Cherries and Red, Green and gold Pineapple Wedges)

  • Orange and Lemon Peel Mix (Orange Peel & Lemon Peel)

  • Tutti Fruitti Mix


  • 10 kg cardboard box

  • 10 kg Pail


Why PMF are best Maraschino Cherries ?

PMF`s Maraschino Cherries are picked at their peak ripeness and processed in the most advanced manufacturing facility in the United States. All of our maraschino cherries are hermetically sealed to maintain optimum freshness for an extended shelf life. PMF’s Maraschino Cherries produce the crunchiest, tastiest, and sweetest cherries that are enhanced with a delicious Almond flavor making them great for cocktails, sundaes, desserts, and baked goods. Our brilliant red color cherries create the perfect visual appeal for a variety of applications that are the ideal addition to your bar, ice cream parlor, salad bar, and more!


  • 18.6 kg cardboard box ( 3.1 kg x 6 pcs)

  • 12 kg cardboard box ( 1 kg x 12 pcs)