Couverture Chocolate

Chocolate is the number one flavor used in patisserie and sweet bakery goods today. PMFs’ prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in all of its products by carefully selecting the finest cocoa beans. Compared to local competitors, PMFs’ products distinguish themselves by their consistent quality and taste. This taste can also be tailored according to local preference. This is how Chocolate exemplifies the standard for the taste of real chocolate.


72% Dark Chocolate - 65% Dark Chocolate - 55% Dark Chocolate - 36% Milk Chocolate - 37% White Chocolate

Chocolate Block


  • 25 kg cardboard box (2.5 kg bar x 10 pcs)

  • 25 kg cardboard box (1 kg bar x 25 pcs)

Chocolate Coins


  • 20 kg cardboard box (5 kg bag x 4 pcs )


  • 12g cardboard box (200 g bar x 10 pcs x outers )

Chocolate Bars

What makes Real Chocolate from PMF unique?

PMF tries to provide consumers with a unique taste experience. To do that, PMF uses a mobile taste lab to analyze the taste preferences of tens of thousands of consumers. With this information, we make chocolate based on these tastes, responding to both global and local taste patterns. This is how PMF guarantees that Chocolate matches your personal preference. It’s a truly flexible product, known for its rich and sophisticated taste and smooth texture that can be adapted to your specific needs.