Sugar and Gum Paste

You can cover your cakes without tearing with the flexible and easy-to-roll PMF Sugar Paste, and you can create permanent figures and decorate your showcases by taking advantage of its quick shaping and durability properties.


20 kg cardboard box (5 kg bucket x 4 pcs.)

24 kg cardboard box (1 kg bucket x 24 pcs.)

Sugar Paste

PMF sugar paste is edible. The most important feature of PMF sugar paste is that after coating the cake, its structure does not deteriorate in high humidity (80%) and temperature (50 ºC), it maintains its shape, and it does not melt or stick to the hand. Additionally, it does not cause moisture when entering and exiting the cake cabinet. It has a soft, elastic, smooth (silky) structure. It is less sugary than décor dough.

Gum Paste

PMF gum paste is the best solution to create new shapes for cake decoration. PMF gum paste texture will help you to get solid, sculpted decorations for the cake